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Rahm Klampert

Owner & Head Trainer

Rahm Klampert was a Professional Snowboarder for many years with achievments such as winning the US Open, getting top three in the world championships for multiple years and getting top 10 at x games time and time again. After accomplishing many of his goals as a snowboarder it was time to pursue a new passion, the passion of fitness.

Over his professional career as an athlete he trained consistently at the gym in a manner that was different than what everyone else was doing. While others were sitting on machines doing chest presses and leg curls he was in the corner where there weren’t machines taking dumbbells and weight plates and trying to mimic some of the movements he did snowboarding. Later this style of training that mimicked life received a name of “functional training”.

Transitioning out of the professional snowboard circuit and into the world of fitness as a personal trainer seemed like the next step in life. Working his way up from a trainer, to training department manager, to developing systems that would work for different clientele to reach their goals was what the next 5 years consisted of. However no matter what he was doing and proving, there was always someone involved that would hold him back from the perfect system.

Feeling held back from his full potential the dream of owning his own facility and implementing what he knew was the best system began. Studying, learning, and experimenting was what his life consisted of in both snowboarding and his new passion for fitness. With a never ending desire to be better than the day before and a belief that life is a journey of lessons that if we don’t learn from than we will be stuck in a rut and in a job that we will eventually despise. And one day an opportunity arose that could not be turned down or denied as a sign to help others achieve what he knew all people were capable of, reaching their goals!

His vision began by taking an empty space and turning it into what he knew would be the perfect flow for any person to reach any fitness goal. 3 long and hard months later Revolution was born February at 689 Southbridge street in Auburn Massachusetts.

Christine Harper

Owner & Trainer

I am Co-Owner, Coach, and Facebook Manager for Revolution Functional Fitness Training. My certifications include IFA Personal Training and Group Exercise, Les Mills Body Pump, CX, and BTS Power. I am also currently working towards earning my certification as a Sports Nutritionist.

Outside of loving to train and workout myself, I enjoy competing in obstacle course races, baking and decorating cakes, cupcakes and cookies and spending time with my family and two children, Aiden, 8 and Madison, 7. If I had to describe myself in one word it would be “DETERMINED” or “DRIVEN”. I will not stop working towards a goal or anything that I want until I am successful. Giving up is not in my vocabulary!!

I met Rahm 4 years ago, also working in the fitness industry and have continued to work with him in various locations until landing at Revolution! If I had to describe Rahm in one word it be “PASSIONATE.” He has an undeniable passion for fitness and constantly strives to help others reach their goals whether it’s weight loss, better nutrition, strength, muscle tone or sports or obstacle course training. He is the most enthusiastic, and motivating trainer I have ever met and he is also the one who first inspired me to become a personal trainer and continue to educate myself on functional training and nutrition!

Lastly, if I had to describe Revolution in one word it would be “FAMILY”. Not only do I feel like I am working with my family members who share my same dreams and passions but I want every member or person who walks through our doors to feel like they just joined a family as well. And they are right! The Revolution family will be there for them for support and guidance all along their fitness journey. I believe that our motto is truly what we believe we can do for our members and that is something GREAT! Do something great for yourself, join the Revolution!

Elizabeth LeTendre


Liz started her professional career at the age of 13, performing at Disney World in Orlando Florida and starring in the Original Workshop of “Red Hot Broadway”. She has performed in many off Broadway & Broadway shows, video and TV shows. Liz has been dancing since the age of 9 and singing/acting since the age of 3. The majority of her training took place at a local studio in Auburn, which helped her to accomplish winning multiple Titles, Top Scores, Scholarships, and Choreography awards. She has worked with many of the top choreographers including Travis Wall and Mia Micheals.

Liz appeared on “American Idol” Season 3 making it to the top 16 as well as “Making the Band 3” Season 2 into the top 20. Liz has judged several Performing Arts Competitions and has taught many Dance, Vocal & Fitness Master Classes throughout the country. She is continuing her Dance education at “Broadway Dance Center” in New York City, “Millennium Dance Complex” and “The Edge” in Los Angeles. Elizabeth is currently the Lead Roll in Stepp Stewart‘s new Children’s Musical “Show-n-Tell”. She teaches all styles and levels of dance at Kara Anderson’s Dance Studio.

Her passion for working with others has transferred perfectly into the world of fitness. Always pushing herself to be better in all that she does has led her to being a great coach and trainer. We are proud to have her as part of the Revolution Family.

Mike Kantorski


I am 20 years old and have been brought up playing sports all my life.

I started playing hockey at the age of 3 and currently just finished my second year of Junior A hockey for the Boston Junior Bruins. My hobbies are playing soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and guitar.

My goal is to study Nutrition and Sports Nutrition. Outside of the gym my interests include music and sports.

Playing hockey got me into training because I wanted to become a bigger, better, stronger force on the ice. I worked out in a gym for 3 years before joining the Revolution Functional Fitness Team.


My current training goal is to reach 200 Ibs. My hockey goal is to play division 1 hockey at a college.

How long have you known Rahm:

I’ve known Rahm for two years

Describe Revolution in one word:

“Resilient” our members never give up no matter the challenge or goal, and neither do our trainers.

Describe Rahm in one word:

“Supportive” no matter who you are Rahm will support you and will help you reach your goals. He is one of the most supportive people I know.

Describe yourself in one world:

“Focused” I will keep focused until I reach my goals.

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